Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blog Response

The  two careers that i chose are Chemical Technicians and Non-farm Animal Caretaker. They do not really fit in with my life at all. Non-farm Animal Caretakers DID fit in until we had our dog put down 3 years ago. So that one is excluded because i do not take care of any animals now. Chemical Technicians also do not relate to my life at all because i definitely do not perform tests and help scientists perform tests of animals that make them talk like humans or something. They may affect our nation by making animals talk and grooming dogs and cats. But i couldn't tell ya.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Venn Diagram Reflection

Somethings that i learned today were that Austin Keys wants to be a Video Game Designer and he needs a lot of characteristics like Attention to Detail. Also that Caitlyn Hair Stylist and that the career needs to be very good with people. And that Brady wants to work in Infantry. Also that Shadow can Army Crawl.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Architecture and Construction

The two careers that i chose were 1. Highway Maintenance Worker and 2. Tapers. They weren't exactly related due to the fact that Tapers prepare walls for painting or getting them ready to get some mud slapped on it. Where as Highway Maintenance Workers repair pot holes or eroded roads, and they also maintain municipal road. Highway Maintenance Workers career was the one that related to my occupation the most because their tasks and equipment or almost the exact same.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Differences of my Career

(Road Construction and Maintenance Worker vs Political Scientists)
First off one of the HUGE differences is that Political Scientists have to work inside. Where as construction workers/maintenance workers are outside every day trying to figure out a new way to make the roads better, repair the guard rails on highways, or even filling pot holes after a bad winter. I am not trying to put Political Scientists down or make their career look bad but they have absolutely nothing in common with the career that i am going to be working in. Another difference would be the equipment they use. Political Scientists use a bunch of computer stuff and Construction workers use heavy machinery. These are just some of the obvious differences between these two careers.